Studio Consulting Time


We offer three types of consulting service plans.


Plan A

Eight hour package – $ 400.00 including audio reference disc and two masters


Plan B

Twenty hour package – $ 500.00 including audio reference disc and two masters


Plan C

Forty hour package – $ 700.00 including audio reference disc and two masters

Standard Rate/In House
Recording or Mixing (with engineer) = $50.00 per hr (4-hour minimum)) Block
Mastering $75.00 per track.

Hourly Block Time (2 hrs or more.)
*in-house studio time available for signed artist or professional invitation/inquiries only!

Note: There is a onetime- $30/ paperwork set-up fee to begin all service plan contracts.



Most clients will have specific needs for their special project. We offer in-house production as well as turnkey solutions for in progress projects. Each client’s rate will be determined on case-by-case bases.
1. 1-2 hours for main instruments (piano, bass, drums, guitar)
2. 1-2 hours for overdubs (second and third guitar, keyboard overdubs, etc.)
3. 1 -2 hours for vocals (Lead, Background, ensemble vocals, choirs)
4. 1 hour for adding spice (percussion / fx, strings, extra instruments)
5. 3 -4 hours minimum for mix

Note: All clients have the option to sign an exclusive contract directly with BoboRecords. This provides a discount for some services.



Terms are 50/25/25. 50% at least 24hrs in advance to secure dates, 50% at beginning of mix, balance due upon delivery of masters. No masters released until payment in full. Overtime will be billed at the quoted rates plus 15%.



Cancellation terms are 1 week notice = full refund, 48 hours to 1-week notice =
50% refund, 24 to 48 hours notice = 25% refund, 24 hours or less= no refund.
Please understand that once we accept your deposit, we stop trying to sell the allotted studio time.
If you cancel, we still have to cover our costs and try to sell the allotted time at the last minute.



You are billed for all time booked, even if you finish early. The clock starts at the booked time and normally stops for a 1-hour lunch, a 1-hour dinner and a 15 min break every 4 hours (Keeps our ears fresh).
All billing is on an hourly basis. Cancellation policy in effect throughout sessions.
Load-in scheduled 1 hour before session start time. Rescheduling of sessions at the discretion of MPS.



Studio liability is limited to replacement of recording materials only. No refunds for time unused.
Client s are responsible for all safety copies and insurance of master work, musical instruments and other personal

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