Studio Services



Our live room can comfortably host a full band session and get the professional live drum sounds you’re looking for

Editing/Vocal Tuning

Using the latest technology in recording software, your tracks will be polished and ready to mix.


Our control room features Carl Tatz’s Phantom Focus monitoring system, as well as a host of outboard gear and the latest plug-ins.

Production Services


Verge Recording also offers a full service production company that can coordinate and produce your recording project from concept to finished album. As a production team, Brian Eckert and Greg Strizek are experienced in helping clients put together their recording project.

Here are some of the services we offer as a production team:


We are available to Produce / Engineer your project at any studio that you choose. We have worked with clients that use multiple studios to get the job done. We use Verge Recording as our home base, but we have worked in many of Nashville’s other top recording studios as well.

Recording Budget

We can help you put together the best possible project with the budget you have to work with.

Song Selection/Licensing

We can help you obtain songs to record and make sure you properly license them for use. We can also arrange writing appointments with Nashville songwriters for your project.

Pre Production/Arrangement/Charts

We spend time finding the correct key for each song to fit your vocal range. We can arrange your songs and chart them out using the Nashville Number System so they are ready for the studio musicians to play at the tracking session.

Hiring Musicians

We have a great working relationship with Nashville’s A-list session players, union musicians and vocalists. We can help you get the right musicians for your project.

Additional Project Coordination

Our related company, Verge Management, offers consulting and artist development services for recording artists. Whether you need help with choosing the right photographer, graphic designer or duplication company for your CD project, help with your web site/ myspace, or general career advice and guidance, Verge can be your one-stop solution.

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