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We are here to help everyone from independent artists to record labels, bands to management companies, Promotional groups to agents and anyone else interested in achieving realistic, self sustaining, long term success through consulting, assisting, guiding and aiding.

Some of the key services we can provide include: Artist Development, Branding, Fundraising, Marketing, Promotions, Contracts, Pre-production, Production, Post Production, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and Solicitation.

EMG’s music consultants can give an objective perspective, advice and the motivation to make it big. There is so much one does not know about the music industry. An independent artist looking for more exposure, wanting to promote music and reach out to more music lovers needs the advice of a good consultant who knows the workings of the music industry. A consultant who knows its highs and lows, the pitfalls to avoid, and the route to take to meet people can help one advance in a music career.


  • We are not a typical record label.
  • We are not going to pitch your band or your music.
  • We are not going to fund your project.



A musician can face various highly frustrating problems when trying to make a mark in the music industry. But a music consultant can make things so much easier. A good consultant will help musicians in putting together a good marketing strategy, publicity, internet promotions and music sales.

ORMS offers services that are tailor made for each musician and different from services offered to other musicians. We give consultation based on the musicians’ present business and the questionnaire that he or she fills out. We study the questionnaire filled out with the relevant details, get to know the musician’s musical identity, listen to the music and examine the promotional materials and tools to better understand the artist.

There are many consultants who promise the best results. But very often, musicians get ripped off, resulting in not only a setback in their career but also loss of money. It is better to do some research to find out which ones are the best in the business. A person who has been in the industry for a while knows the ins and outs of music, media and marketing, and such an individual is the ideal person to give advice.

Having a strong internet presence, communicating with fans about the music and merchandise and telling them to attend shows and get their friends to do so is important to spread one’s fame. We tell budding artists what to do to be successful, self-promoting musicians equipped with all the knowledge and tools.

ORMS can give advice via email and talk with musicians over the phone or through Skype.

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