- What are your rates for recording?

Please call or email for rates. We’d be happy to discuss your budget and recording project needs.

- Can you record my vocal tracks over existing music tracks?

Yes! We can record your vocals over any existing music tracks that you have

- Can you get musicians for my recording project?

Yes! We can get all the musicians you need for your session. We use only professional studio musicians that are members of the musician’s union. Most people choose to record in Nashville because of access to some of the best studio musicians in the world. We can help you get musicians from a single guitar player to an entire band for your project

- Can I bring my own musicians?

Yes! you can bring your own musicians and just pay for studio time.

- What is a songwriter's demo?

A songwriter’s demo is a recording for the purpose of pitching a song to a publishing company or artist.

- What is a custom demo project?

A custom demo project is a recording for the purpose of pitching an artist to a record label or management company.

- What is a custom CD project?

A custom CD project is a recording of an artist for the purpose of selling the music by CD or downloads.

- What is a tracking session?

A tracking session is a recording session where the instruments are recorded. We have the ability to record from one instrument to a full band with live drums all at the same time.

- What is mixing?

Mixing is when all the recorded tracks are blended to make the final mix. This is when all the volume levels are adjusted to the proper levels.

- What is mastering?

Mastering is the final step in the recording process. Levels of songs are balanced and optimized.

- What recording format do you use?

We record with Pro Tools HD2 Accel. We can record using .wav, .aiff, or mp.3 files. We can transfer or convert any file necessary for your session.

- Can you pitch my song?

OMNI Recording does not pitch songs. We are primarily a recording project management studio. Check our links page for useful resources for songwriters.

- What types of music do you record at your studio?

We can record any type of music at Omni Recording; however, we specialize in hot commercial sound from hip-hop, rap, trap, country, rock, pop, jazz, and Christian music etc.

Why should I record with Omni Recording?

When choosing where to record, it is not just the studio facility that is important. You must also consider the experience and talent level of the people that will work on your recording project (from the engineer to the musicians). Most people choose to record with ORMS\Bobo Records because of access to some of the best studio musicians in the world. Omni Recording offers you access to these top studio musicians along with a professional and experienced staff

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