About Us


We have operated in the Greater Atlanta area for over 5 years and our solid reputation has allowed us to continue to grow. By combining vintage gear, new computer technology and engineering know-how we have created an environment that can give your music the attention and care it deserves. Because we are affordable you will not feel rushed to perform. With all of our outboard gear and plug-ins you can achieve the exact sound you were looking for.

Production is also offered, either in-house or through our large network of local and national producers.

Artist Consulting


Bobo Records recognizes that there is a full spectrum of services that artists require to advance their careers. Let the Bobo Records team assist you: from full service artist management to lending our experience and expertise for a specific issue or project. Omni Records can also function as supplemental help in conjunction with an artist’s existing management company or record label.

Company and Project Management


With the varied skill sets and collective years of experience in the entertainment
industry, the Bobo Records/ Omni team is uniquely qualified to assist in the formation, management and development of your entertainment company. Up-start entertainment companies find Bobo Records Music group to be a cost effective way to have an experienced staff at your fingertips at an affordable price.